Thursday, 7 February 2008

Silk is yummy

I decided to work on the shawl. An evening alone with no tv, no radio and no spouse gave me the opportunity to figure out what my problem was. I'd stopped working on it because I thought I'd miscounted something and was going to have to rip. Turned out I was just trying to be too clever and not actually count from the chart. Amazing how reading the chart will fix the problems! So I've been working away at it for the last couple of days, making good progress. Slow progress, but good.

I've also been working on finishing the second mitt. I could probably finish it in a couple of evenings, but the shawl is so much more fun!

The Jitterbug sock is amusing me. When I worked on the first one, it took forever to finish the foot. But as I've observed elsewhere, I seem to be getting faster at knitting the more I practice - last night I did almost an inch of stockinette while throwing dice. And the yarn is still beautiful.

In other news, the last of the yarn that was captured by the dogs has now been washed and is drying. I'll probably be able to wind it tonight when I get home from work. This will mean that I'm back to having all my yarn in a useable state, apart from the stuff that's in skeins waiting to be wound into balls.

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