Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A post of many things

And many pictures. First, Christmas stuff! (Yes, I know it's already February, but I've been ill.)

Many lovely yarny things were received, and I have pictures of most of them. First off, the new knitting needles. There is actually one missing from the picture because, well, it's in a project right now. The case holds more needles than it came with, which pleases me greatly. I'm all about the organized knitting supplies.

Then there was the yarn. 4 skeins of delicious sock yarn for three pairs of socks (Austermann Step, Wisdom San Diego and Patons Kroy Sock) and some Bernat alpaca that has already been turned into a scarf and hat this year.

Also received, though not for Christmas, were 4 skeins of Incredible and one skein of Suede, both by Lion Brand. These are very exciting for me, as I've never worked with either ribbon yarn or suede effect yarn. My lovely grandmother also let me have two of her balls of Peaches and Cream dishcloth cotton, so I can finally join the dishcloth party.

One final and very special acquisition was this beautiful skein of sKitches Kettle Drum in the Aegean colourway. Back in November Sheri had a contest of sorts on her blog, basically asking for suggestions of new music. And the random number generator picked me as the recipient of a $25 gift certificate! So I picked this beautiful skein of sock yarn. I think it's destined to become Pomatomus socks when it grows up.

Second - Project Spectrum stuff! Obviously the Jaywalkers are my first project of the Fire section, but I found a ton of embroidery stuff that I'm planning to work with too.

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