Thursday, 6 December 2007

All quiet on the knitting front

Or rather, I'm knitting, but I'm so busy doing other things that I'm not doing as much knitting as usual. And what I am doing isn't so interesting. The grey fluffy scarf is longer and fluffier, the afghan is still purple and ripply. I'm not really working much on anything else. Bloody holidays, eating up all my knitting time...

I am filled with the joy of strategy planning for the New Year, though, which is nice. More on that later, though.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Photos! At Last!

First, a pair of FOs. A lovely llama, and a blocked kerchief.

Then we have some of my more recent projects. This lime-green baby jacket is actually a bit closer to being done than the picture suggests, but I thought it better to just have the picture and be done. It is destined to belong to the firstborn bump of a good friend.

Then we have the ill-fated Shedir, the hat of pain. I am still working on it, slowly but surely. I may finish it by next Christmas.

My lovely Free Spirit hat, just because I love it so very, very much. I'm trying to use it as a reward for working on some of my other projects, which means that it doesn't get very much done on it at once.

Finally, my most recent ripple afghan. Contrary to the picture, the yarn is actually lavender. I wasn't kidding about the crappiness of my camera.

Monday, 3 December 2007

A Plague of Frog*

I spent the weekend doing as much ripping out as I did knitting. I was ill, you see, and the sheer number of projects was really getting to me. So, the red scribble scarf and the Mystery Stole are no more. The scribble scarf I decided was too impractical, and I think the Mystery Stole will look much better in wool than in cotton. Riiiiiiiiip.

I did do a good bit of knitting, though. I've turned the red boucle from the scarf into another scarf. Stockinette on big, fat needles. It took about 24 hours, and I wore it to work this morning. Very snuggly.

*Only one frog, but it was quite a big one, and it got into the air shafts and kept everyone awake for weeks.