Sunday, 27 February 2011

Another FO! Now with bonus WIP photos!

I finally finished the woven scarf I started back at the beginning of October. Wowsa. There is no earthly reason this should have take so long. Delighted that it's done!
noro monkeys 010
It's just the right length, and incredibly soft and drapey. The Posh Laura is wonderful if a little difficult to weave with. I still have half a skein so may end up making a pair of mitts to go with. I love the way the variegated yarn ended up doing this tartanesque thing:
noro monkeys 011

Other stuff that's going on includes:
A new pair of Monkey socks, this time made from Noro Kureyon Sock. I swore I'd never make socks from this yarn, but I need socks and didn't like how it was knitting up into mittens. It's looking fab as socks, so fingers crossed it wears well underfoot.
noro monkeys 001
A pair of hot-pink slippers, destined for fulling and my feet. Boring, and the DPNs I'm using are a little bit too short for all of the gusset stitches, so I'm leaving them for the moment. I hope to finish them in March.
noro monkeys 002
The first leaf of my Vintage socks. The Tsarina wasn't kidding when she said this was her most fiddly pattern ever. But I think they'll be gorgeous when they're done, some time next year, perhaps.
noro monkeys 007

I'm doing a fair bit of spinning at the moment, too. I'm just over halfway through a batch of melon-coloured alpaca that's destined for Weaving Friend once it's done. I'm also working on some gorgeous red cormo/merino that was a gift from a lovely Raveller. I'm aiming for a DK or worsted 3-ply to turn into a scarf for myself. And I'm also doing the first bobbin of singles for some sock yarn, made of a fabulous merino/nylon top that drafts like a dream. Still haven't finished any spinning projects this year, but as long as I have 12 done by the end it's all good.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Swatching and winding

I was going to drop everything this weekend and cast on for Weaving Friend's shawl. In fact, I did drop everything and cast on for it. Didn't like the look, though - a 3.5mm needle is far too big for this yarn. It was much too open. So, I've ripped out the few rows I'd done, put the beads back in their container and rewound the yarn. I'll go with a 3mm needle the next time I try, but for now I'm back to working on my WIPs.

Most progress is currently being made on the pink scarf, surprisingly. I managed to empty my shuttle over the weekend, so I've refilled that and will be getting on with (hopfeully!) finishing the whole thing as soon as I finish writing my current essay.

Monday, 14 February 2011

New project soon

Scrap all the plans from my last post, I'll be getting my current cobweb shawl done ASAP and casting on for something new - Weaving Friend is getting married! The big day is not for another year, but cobwebby lace and beads take time, and her wedding shawl should be perfect. And Posh, of course. The yarn is Miranda Cobweb, in the colourway "Champagne" with cream-coloured beads, and the pattern is Aeolian, as per the lady's request. I'm debating needle size, although I think I'll end up using a 3.5mm needle. It's going to be fun! I've wanted to make this pattern forever (even tried it once, although I ended up frogging it), and it's hugely satisfying making things for people who will love them.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

London weather

I feel like I'm getting whiplash from the quick-change weather we've been having here. Yesterday it was sunny and so warm I spent my lunch hour in a light jacket in the park, admiring the crocuses and knitting. Today it's pouring rain and the temperatures have plummeted.

I've cast on for a couple of new projects. One is a pair of felted slippers for me at long last - hopefully my kool-aid-dyed yarn won't bring me up in hives as the Icelandic stuff did! They are hot pink and fabulous, and the perfect antidote to the weather. I finished all my handbag-suitable projects, which is why I've cast on for these now. They go quickly, so I may even get them done this month.

I've also cast on at long last for the first leaf on my Vintage Tsocks. I've only had the kit for two years... :D The leaves are fiddly, but I suspect that they will get faster as I go along. I also suspect that if I don't knit all the leaves first and get them blocked, I'll knit both socks and never get around to making the leaves. Once all the leaves are made and I've done the fiddly inset leaf on the toe, these can move over into my handbag!

I've finally started to make some progress on the pink woven scarf, too. It's amazing what two evenings of tv-watching and weaving can produce. My selvedges on this scarf are not as good as some of the other scarves I've done, but this yarn is a wool/cashmere blend and behaves rather differently. I'm getting used to it, and at least it's remaining the same width, more or less.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Quick and painless

Remember that red art yarn I spun up a while back? Well, thanks to a knitalong on one of my Ravelry fora, I was inspired to knit with it. I found a perfectly reasonable pattern for a cowl, and over the weekend managed to produce this:

bordello cowl 1 002

I'm hugely pleased with it. It's a good size, the yarn knitted up nicely, the stitch pattern works with the tweedy look of the plying. And the best part? It only took half of my handspun, so I can make another one for me after Mum absconds with this one. :D

Friday, 4 February 2011


One bright and cheery new pair of socks, fresh off the needles and onto my feet!

Peeps Monkeys 001

They're a little loud for my taste (says she who loves orange and lime), but they fit nicely and are warm. Plus, I've now used up the oldest sock yarn in my stash! There are some scraps left, but they have already been added to the biscuit tin of scrappy goodness for making into squares.

I'm planning to spend time this weekend making some progress on my cobweb shawl, but I really want to get on with the woven scarf. I can only work on that at home, since I'm not hardcore enough to carry a loom around. Especially not after the great back pain fiasco of 2010!