Thursday, 10 February 2011

London weather

I feel like I'm getting whiplash from the quick-change weather we've been having here. Yesterday it was sunny and so warm I spent my lunch hour in a light jacket in the park, admiring the crocuses and knitting. Today it's pouring rain and the temperatures have plummeted.

I've cast on for a couple of new projects. One is a pair of felted slippers for me at long last - hopefully my kool-aid-dyed yarn won't bring me up in hives as the Icelandic stuff did! They are hot pink and fabulous, and the perfect antidote to the weather. I finished all my handbag-suitable projects, which is why I've cast on for these now. They go quickly, so I may even get them done this month.

I've also cast on at long last for the first leaf on my Vintage Tsocks. I've only had the kit for two years... :D The leaves are fiddly, but I suspect that they will get faster as I go along. I also suspect that if I don't knit all the leaves first and get them blocked, I'll knit both socks and never get around to making the leaves. Once all the leaves are made and I've done the fiddly inset leaf on the toe, these can move over into my handbag!

I've finally started to make some progress on the pink woven scarf, too. It's amazing what two evenings of tv-watching and weaving can produce. My selvedges on this scarf are not as good as some of the other scarves I've done, but this yarn is a wool/cashmere blend and behaves rather differently. I'm getting used to it, and at least it's remaining the same width, more or less.

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