Tuesday, 26 February 2008

FO your viewing pleasure...

...I present a pair of finished Whovian fingerless gloves, made from the finest in Dr Who leftovers! Yes, I finally sat down on Sunday and just finished them. And they are warm and snuggly. It took frickin' forever to sew in all the ends, but I did it. Go me!

Much progress has been made generally over my long weekend, and it isn't even over yet! After finishing the gloves, I decided to work on making a scrap scarf from the leftover Dr Who yarn. I'm not going to be able to add the yellow and green yet, since I'm going to make another pair of gloves yet, but there's no reason why I can't crack on and use up the other five balls of scraps. And I've used three now. Feeling good.

I have been making progress on using up the acrylic too. The ripple afghan is getting bigger, and I've discovered that I managed to make it wide enough to fit my double bed. I've never made a bedspread before. I've also done a ton of work on the back of the cushion cover. I'm not going to have enough of the charcoal grey to make the entire back, so it's going to be partially done in black around the edges. It'll still look good. I've also had an inspiration - the partial balls left from the afghan and the complete skeins that aren't going into it will make great practice scarves for trying out my new book of scarf patterns!

I finished 2 more repeats on the drop-stitch shawl, and I'm planning to do another this afternoon. That will put me at 21 of 28, although I'm definitely going to stop earlier if it's wide enough to stay on my shoulders. It is still boring.

The Monkey sock is getting bigger. I finished the heel gusset last night, so now I've just got the foot to do. I'm concerned about running out of yarn, although I think I've got enough, so I'm going to stop before I do the toes, make the second sock, then work the toes at the same time. If I run out of yarn, I can add some contrast yarn on both to make it look deliberate. I'm thinking black, so that they look like Hallowe'en socks!

Here is a picture of the bulk of my Mission:Possible yarn. It would be so nice to use it all up and have this much floor space back!

And finally, just so that it doesn't seem as though I'm an exclusive knitter, I present my current big embroidery project. I was in the mood for working on it yesterday, so I fished it out. I really love it, I've just been in more of a knitting mode for the last year or so...

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