Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Oh socky sock sock sock

I have finished the Jaywalkers! At last! They don't quite match in their stripes, but they look good anyway. And the friend who is receiving them doesn't have the obsessive-compulsive thing about matching socks, conveniently.

The leftovers are destined to become my first pair of booties, for one of my two pregnant friends. Not sure which one yet. I think I have a pattern picked out, but who knows? Apparently booties are addictive and require one to find millions of patterns to make.

I've discovered an odd character trait in myself. The impression that I've generally gotten while blog-surfing is that finishing a project inspires one to start something new immediately. Not me! I find that I'm inspired to immediately pick up one of my other WIPs and finish it. I like the euphoria of dancing around the room admiring something that I've made. Not in a "I'm so cool" kind of way, but rather a "I never have to knit on this !*?! thing again" kind of way.

It's fairly common for me to finish a project and spend a long-ish period of time never wanting to look at it again. I wonder if this is why so many knitters make more gifts than they do stuff for themselves...

The next question - what to dive into next? I seem to have settled into a comfortable pattern: one project at home, sock in the handbag, odd day of knit 1 row on every single project I have. The Jitterbug sock is in my handbag, but what to pick up for at home? It's a toss-up between the half-hexagon shawl, which is beautiful and colour-appropriate, but fiddly and requiring much concentration, and the lime-green baby jacket, which is small and easy but the wrong colour for Project Spectrum. I'll see how I feel this evening when I get home, I guess. I'd really love to get the shawl moving forward. It was so annoying not to be able to knit on it during my enforced bedrest and long periods of time alone and bored! However, I've just been given back 7 days worth of holiday, so I might just take a day or two off for the purposes of sitting at home and knitting lovely silky goodness.

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