Monday, 18 February 2008

And then there was more

A few other tidbits from the weekend:
-I finally bought some tailor's chalk, also at the market. It should make cutting out garb much easier. Now I just need a yardstick!
-I experienced a first - I twisted the stitches on the sweater when I joined in the round. So that got ripped out and I'm going to knit the first couple of rows back-and-forth to avoid repeating my mistake.
-The sweater was (unsurprisingly) irritating me, so I cast on for some Monkey socks, at long last. And they are fun. Admittedly I'm still working the ribbing, but the yarn is wonderful (more Posh, of course) , the faded orange-y colour is yummy, and it's nice to be working a sock on only 64 stitches and 2.5mm instead of the rather insane gauge of the Jitterbug socks!

Tonight's project-at-the-pub is going to be my ripple afghan. I'd love to take the socks, but I really can't read a pattern in a dim taproom while participating in a meeting. And I really do want to crack on with using up the acrylic yarn.
The nice bit of this whole weekend is that everything I started or worked on (apart from the Jitterbugs) was part of Mission: Possible! I love making progress on my big projects.

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