Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A glutton for punishment

I am getting into the reward theory of finishing knitting. Work on afghan at pub, knit a few rounds of sock at home. Work on fingerless gloves during lunch hour, work on socks at home. Rinse and repeat.

I was looking over my 12 projects, and the biggest difficulty is going to be the two "get rid of a big lump of yarn" goals - the acrylic and the Dr Who leftovers. But for opposite reasons! With the Dr Who yarn, there is so little left of each that it is hard to plan what to make that will take advantage of the colourwork possibilities. Finishing the gloves will use up a good chunk, and hopefully will use up the last of the beige Cashmerino. That will leave me with 6 partial balls of yarn. The green and yellow are going to be used for a pair of fingerless gloves for my mum, and then once they are done I may go back to my original plan of making a scrap scarf for the spouse. That way I can quit worrying about running out!
The acrylic, on the other hand, is so plentiful that I have trouble figuring out what to do with it. The afghan is taking up a good-sized chunk, but it will leave many mostly-used-up balls at the end. I'm planning to make a cushion cover to match the blue blanket I finished last summer, again to give to my friend Lucy. And that will use up the second pillow-form that's lurking at the top of the werdrobe in my living room. And I'm making legwarmers. And a stripey Christmas stocking out of the leftovers from the Nancy Bush yumminess of the autumn. But there will still be a ton of stuff left to figure out what to do with!

I'm still looking forward to the other projects. The sweater will, I suspect, be lots of fun once I get over the hump of joining 320 stitches in a round without twisting them. The Monkeys are great, largely due to the wonder of the yarn. The Pomatomi are still ever so tempting, and I'm planning to spend my two days off next week working on the black shawl. Which, technically, will also use up some acrylic! I'm planning to spend Easter Closure knitting the half-hexagon shawl. It's the sort of project that once I've picked it up, I don't want to put it down again for a long time. So a week is about ideal.

It's funny, I've just remembered what I did last year for Easter Closure. I spent the week sunbathing in my garden while reading a stack of library books and knitting on the blue blanket. I've come a long way since then!

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A Stitch Online said...

Green and yellow fingerless gloves? I could use those now!