Tuesday, 6 May 2008

So many things done over the long weekend!

First - a long overdue photo of the mini-Who scarf. The recipient is coming over on Friday, so that'll be good. I like getting rid of the finished projects almost as much as I like finishing them!

Next, an update of my Mission:Possible projects. I only took photos of the ones on which there was any visible progress, so some are just list entries.
  • Black drop-stitch shawl Finished!
  • Half-hexagon shawl Hibernating
  • Dr Who Leftovers Finished!
  • Red Posh laceweight Swallowtail WIP
  • Acrylic several WIPs no photos
  • Interlocking Cables sweater WIP
  • Alpaca neckwarmer Finished!
  • Coatigan Hibernating
  • Monkey Socks Finished!
  • Pomatomus socks WIP
  • Anne-trelac socks not yet cast on
  • Clapotis WIP
I'm quite pleased with my progress, actually. I'm hoping to finish Swallowtail this month, since I have so much laceweight to get through!

I spent most of the weekend sewing, when I wasn't taking photos or cooking. We are going to a big SCA event this summer and need clothing. At the moment, I have a gown and chemise for myself and a tunic for my husband underway. I also have enough fabric to make two more tunics for him and three more gowns for me. I'm hoping to have 2 each finished by the end of June, so there probably won't be as much knitting on the blog as there has been recently.

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