Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Husbands - Help or Hindrance?

Discuss, citing examples to support your argument.

After going through all of my sock yarn the other day and choosing patterns, I discovered that I really needed some more DPNs - 2.25mms and 2.75mms. I've thus far been fudging things with 2mms, 2.5s and 3s. So yesterday when the hub rang me over my lunch hour to say he was in a yarn shop with a knitting mutual friend and did I want anything, of course my answer was "Yes!" And he very kindly picked up the 2 sizes I needed.

And being the sweet man that he is, he decided I needed something to cheer* me up. We met up that evening and he handed me a bag containing a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock! The colourway is Dusk, a lovely deep blue-purple-green with flashes of hot pink that is ever so yummy. I'm thinking that it is destined to become a pair of Coupling Socks.
And of course, this means that my stash is now one skein bigger than it was, although I love the yarn. Whoops.

And I have just arranged for a couple of hours' access to a sewing machine this weekend for the making of garb. Thank goodness for kind friends!

*Originally I typed shear. Clearly I am warped and in need of taking up spinning.

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