Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The project of insanity

I needed something in period to take to an SCA event this summer. And I really wanted to take knitting, since that's my main craft. Now, knitting was done in the Middle Ages, but it was a little different, as far as source material leads us to believe. Mostly very high gauge accessories, like stockings and gloves. I'm not going to spend hours and hours of my life making a pair of stockings at 15 stitches to the inch, because they'd eventually wear out. So, I decided on gloves. Properly cared for, they should last forever.

Now, knitted gloves tended to be made of very fine silk. Conveniently, there is a website (Colourmart) that sells very fine silk at very good prices. They are based in the UK, so I received my silk within 36 hours of ordering it. I was hugely impressed.

Reason I'm insane?

That's a 5p piece, which is about the same size as a dime. The line across it is one strand of the silk. I don't even own any needles small enough to make these gloves. I will need needles smaller than 2mm in diameter! This website stocks the appropriate sized double-pointed needles; someday I'd like to have a set of 5 of all of the sizes smaller than 2mm.

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