Thursday, 29 May 2008

An evening of fun and a surprise

Last night was spent in the company of one of my best friends, who has recently discovered that she is a knitter. She had learned how to make the knit stitch about three years ago and made a red "thing", as she calls it, but never really got anywhere. Then quite recently a few mutual friends also took up knitting, and since I already was knitting as well, she stuck with it this time. And when she found out that two of her cousins were expecting babies, she went on a bit of a rampage! In the last 3 weeks, she has made enough squares of garter stitch to make a small baby blanket for the first baby.

The purpose of the meeting last night was so that I could teach her how to sew up the squares. I ended up teaching her how to make knots with a crochet hook, too, since some of the ends she'd left were a little bit on the short side. Oh well. She knows now!

Like any true knitting project, this blanket is a race against time. As of last night, there were three squares of fifty-six sewn together, and she still had 12 squares left to make. She's due to give the blanket to the doting parents on Saturday!

I spent my walk home last night thinking about my wardrobe, specifically things that I have and don't wear. A lot of my clothing doesn't get worn often because it's for a particular type of weather, or it's not suitable for work, or whatever. But there are some things that never get worn at all, and one of them was that pink sweater I made last year. I didn't like the way the shoulders and armholes sat on me, and the whole thing was a bit big. The only reason I was keeping it was because it was the first 'proper' sweater I ever made.

Well, knitting is made to be used. And it just so happens that I have a friend who's a bit bigger than me, with broader shoulders. Yep - knitting best friend is now the owner of my pink sweater! She tried it on, really liked it, it fit perfectly. So my wardrobe is now a little less overfull and a sweater has an owner who will wear it. I am pleased.

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