Monday, 12 May 2008

And we're sorted again

This weekend just gone was one of the best and most relaxing I've ever had. Fantastic birthday party for the husband, who is 30 today(!), a truly impressive haul of leftover wine, glorious sunshine, fresh air, oh, and some knitting and sewing.

I seem to have recovered. It was a case of not really doing much of anything on Saturday, I think. Then in the late afternoon I picked up my mostly finished chemise on a whim, and somehow managed to hem the entire collar in 2 hours or so. Stopped because I had cramp in my left hand, and decided to cast on for a new project. This one's a summery tank top in cotton - basically two rectangles sewn together in a couple of places. Alternating bands of garter and stockinette stitch. I'm doing this one in stripes, with the garter stitch bands in a mystery blue-green cotton that a friend gave me, and the stockinette bands in white cotton that I picked up in a charity shop a couple of years ago. It's worked on 6mm needles, which means that it goes very quickly.

And then I did a bit more sewing. I've nearly finished the last seam, then I need to hem the wrists and bottom. Then it's done! Who knows, I might even post a picture of me in my medieval underwear.

And then there was frogging. A while ago, I started making a Shedir hat in the recommended yarn calmer, which is a cotton and microfiber blend. Lovely stuff, but when combined with 1x1 cables, it gives me neck cramps and muscle spasms. I picked it up, knit for 10 minutes, couldn't turn my head, and ripped the blasted thing out. I'll do this pattern someday, but in wool. Of course, that left me with a single ball of yarn with no pattern, which is just bad. So I went over to Ravelry to browse, and spotted a very nice set of Odessa hats made with Calmer. It's a lovely spiraling lace pattern with optional beads. I thought I'd leave the beads out so that I didn't have to go shopping, but I realized that I already had a small packet of lovely clear glass beads which just happened to fit the yarn and match it nicely. And I had the right sized needles! So I promptly cast on for that as well. I finished the ribbing last night and am starting the patterned part later today. It seems to be going quickly, especially since the needles are a couple of sizes bigger than the Shedir needles.

And I packed everything away in preparation for the party, so I'm reveling in not having so much stuff out. It really feels good.

I'm also thinking about dropping out of Mission:Possible. Basically, I'm making a ton of progress on my projects. I've even finished the neverending black shawl. There is no deadline for anything that was on my list of 12, and I actually do have several other projects waiting that do have deadlines. Plus, now that we're playing in the SCA, I've effectively committed myself to a crap-load of sewing year-round. I even somehow got myself signed up to make some Coronation gifts, which need to be done by June. Plus, I'd really like to get cracking on my silk gloves. I'll think about it for a while longer, but I'm thinking that this knitalong is one to which I'm really not suited.

(And I may have just signed up to have another go at Summer of Socks.)

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