Wednesday, 21 May 2008

My chemise, it has a cuff!

Actually it has two cuffs, one on either wrist. Now all that remains is hemming the bottom, several hours of work. I love full skirts, but finishing them is a PITA!

There are also now two korknisse ready to be given to best friend on Friday. I might get one more done, but if I don't it's not really a big deal. Fortunately the friend in question has just taken up knitting and has known me for years - she's happy to wait for her real knitted birthday present! I also worked on another round of booties for a baby that was supposed to have appeared on Sunday. Guess the little guy likes it where he is...

How many pairs of socks will I knit this year? I've already done three pairs and have the yarn for 16 more pairs, but then last year I only made three pairs in total!. (Well, plus a pair of Christmas stockings - surely that makes it 4 pairs?)

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