Friday, 16 May 2008

Pomatomus is no more

I don't know why I didn't trust the designer. The Monkey socks are the best socks I've ever made. Of course she had a reason to go up a needle size.

In other words, although I could still get it onto my foot, the first Pomatomus was a little on the tight side. So I frogged it. RIP! I am being much more demanding on myself recently. If it's less than very good, I don't tolerate it. Although it did take me almost a fortnight to admit to myself that really I'd be happier with a looser sock.

I've managed to build myself quite a nice schedule at the moment. On the 31st of this month, I've got an SCA event for which the husband and I both need garb. I have 6 full days of weekend to spend sewing between now and then, and only 3 pieces of clothing that must be finished. Hopefully this is doable. I'm spending my weekdays on knitting and crocheting both to avoid sewing-induced RSI and because, well, I like knitting and crocheting better than sewing.
Then in June I can devote my free time to making my mother's birthday present on weekdays and sewing more garb and some handkerchiefs for Coronation on the last weekend of June.

Conveniently, Summer of Socks 2008 starts the weekend before Coronation. So in theory, I should have all my sewing done by that point, allowing me to throw myself headfirst into an orgy of sockish wonder. Now that I've frogged the Poms, I have enough sock yarn for at least 9 pairs of socks. Maybe if I use it all up during SoS, I can buy a bunch more at one of the autumn knitting events I'm going to!

I will be revisiting the Poms at some point in the future. The pattern is great. But in order to make a nice fabric on 2.75mm needles, I'm going to need a thicker sock yarn, like Emily or Lucia from Posh Yarn. The yarn I was using for the Poms is probably going to end up being another pair of Monkeys.

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