Sunday, 9 March 2008


A weekend of not much progress, truth be told.



On Friday I received an Amazon parcel with a lovely thing in it - Folk Socks by Nancy Bush, an early birthday present from my equally lovely mum. Maybe I'll end up with all of her books. That would rock! This one is about 2/3 history of socks and hosiery and 1/3 patterns. As ever, the patterns are fantastic. I shall make most of them, I think.

And tonight the spouse and I went over to my co-worker's house because she had offered me a gift - a working sewing machine! It's seriously vintage, but is in working order and still had a spare bobbin and some fancy needles to go with. I shall take pictures and explore when I'm not worn out from a party. And to cap it, she'd also found an enormous stash of old knitting needles to give me! Including a large bundle of footlong DPNs. As far as I can tell, they don't make these any more. And I've been desperate to get some for sweater-making.

What a great weekend!

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