Sunday, 30 March 2008

First Quarter Review for Mission:Possible

Here is the original goal list:

1. Finish the black drop-stitch shawl
2. Finish the half-hexagon shawl
3. Use up all of the Dr Who leftovers
4. Knit something out of the red Posh laceweight
5. Knit or crochet all of the worsted weight acrylic
6. Knit the Interlocking Cables sweater (hopefully in time for the Knitting and Stitching Show!)
7. Knit something out of the alpaca yarn
8. Knit a shawl out of the green laceweight
9. Knit a pair of Monkey socks
10. Knit a pair of Pomatomus socks
11. Knit a pair of Anne-trelac socks
12. Knit the Rowan Tapestry into a Clapotis.

And the progress:
  • Black drop-stitch shawl is still not fun and stalled. Every so often I get it out, attach some more fringe, think about working on it and decide not to. I should really work on it.
  • Half-hexagon shawl is making good progress! I really love working on it. The biggest problem, and the reason that I haven't made a lot more progress, is that I can only work on it when I have complete silence with no distractions. Like, say, my husband, the doorbell, the phone, or anything in the world that makes noise. Still, I sneak in a few rows here and there.
  • The Dr Who leftovers are steadily decreasing. Thus far I have made a Bubbi Bear for my grandmother (admittedly back in December for her Christmas present) and a pair of really quite ugly fingerless mitts. The last of the yarn is being used first on a pair of green and yellow mitts for my mum and a mini-scarf. The scarf is going faster that the mitts, mostly because it is just garter stitch. I haven't really decided what I'm going to do about patterning the hands of the mitts, so they are moving slowly while I search for inspiration.
  • Red laceweight is still a ball of laceweight. However, thanks to the lovely people on the Ravelry group, I now know what I'm going to knit with it. Just haven't cast on yet.
  • The acrylic is being used up. Most of it is going to go into the bedspread I'm working on, and the leftover scraps are going to be made into a scarf or two from Knitting New Scarves.
  • I'm loving the cabled sweater. The marvelous thing about cables is that most of the sweater is just ribbing. You only have to think about the cables once every few rows, and that's not hard at all. The rest is just mindless round and round stitching!
  • The alpaca yarn is my current handbag project. I'm making a faux ribbed neckwarmer with alternating bands of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch. Once it's big enough to go around my neck, it'll get a strip of garter stitch that will lay under the ribbing and keep the curling itchies away from my neck and a row of crocheted button loops. And buttons, obviously. It currently goes halfway around my neck.
  • I'm not going to knit up the green laceweight. I'm saving it. Instead, I'm going to finish the coatigan. I actually worked on this last night and finished the upside-down sleeve cap of the first sleeve.
  • Monkeys are finished! And great!
  • I cast on for the first Pom and will put them in my handbag once the neckwarmer is finished. Until then, I'm working on them at home when I don't want to work on anything else.
  • Haven't cast on yet for the Anne-trelac socks.
  • Haven't cast on yet for a Clapotis, although I'm thinking I might make a Calorimetry first. The kerchief I made out of the Tapestry has ended up being used almost every day, and I'd like a similar thing I can wear at work to keep my hair out of my face.
So, I'm making lots of progress. And I'm working on making garb for our SCA endeavours, too!

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Kate said...

Just had to comment... I'm out searching for completed photos of the Interlocking Cables sweater, because I just cast on today. Two weeks ago, I finished the Pomatomus socks (with heavy alterations on the foot), and have a Clapotis in Rowan Tapestry.

Had to pause and nod to the shared knitting karma!