Monday, 10 March 2008

The Great Birthday Shop

It is my birthday in two days, and I have been given some shopping money by my lovely mum and grandmother. Since I have taken the day off work, this is going to mean a shopping trip! I've arranged to meet up with a friend so I have some company, and the plan is as follows.

9:30am Meet at my place for a cuppa and to discuss the plan for the day.

First port of call: John Lewis Oxford Street. The haberdashery is great, and I know they stock the yarn for a sweater I particularly want to make. Plus the remainders bin usually has some decent yarn and fabric in it.
Then: Liberty on Great Marlborough Street. I've not been to this one yet, but I'm told that they have lovely things.
Then: All the Fun of the Fair on Kingly Court. Again, never been here, but apparently they have amazing buttons and other findings. Plus yarn, of course.

1:00pm-ish Lunch at McDonalds. This is a tradition with us, so of course we must indulge.

Then we hop on the Underground and head down to Putney.
To visit: Stash. This seems, from their website, to be a more boutique-y yarn shop. They stock a lot of stuff from North America that I've not yet been able to try out, so hopefully we will find some lovely and exotic things.

Then back on a long Underground trip to my old favourite: Loop, in Islington. A restock on some needles, a quick fondle of some silk.... Mmmmmm.

I'm hoping to acquire four things. 1. Sweater yarn for a Fair-Isle number. 2. Sock yarn. 3. Laceweight in some simple colours for shawl-making. 4. Useful tools like needles etc. Hopefully I'll be able to resist odd balls of things that will just end up being turned into more scarves.

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