Sunday, 15 June 2008

Tidying again

The sewing was making me nuts, so I spent a goodly portion of yesterday and this morning sorting things out in my stash. It's been productive in an inverse way, for I have been frogging again. The Clapotis and the Interlocking Cables Sweater are no more. I didn't like the Clapotis. It was boring to knit and I don't really like working with that yarn on something so big. So it's been ripped.

The sweater was a little more of a surprise. I was rereading my old blog entries (looking for typos!), and found the one where I was musing on the kind of knitting that I actually wear. And I was looking at that sweater. I don't wear heavy sweaters. I certainly don't wear off-the-shoulder sweaters. So why, for goodness' sake, was I knitting an aran-weight, cabled, off-the-shoulder sweater? Mostly because the pattern looked like a lot of fun and I wanted to knit something with obscene amounts of cables. Great, but not on something for me.

My husband, on the other hand, loves heavy Aran sweaters. And I just so happen to have several patterns that he loves. And I've got 2700 yards of this yarn, which is more that enough to make him a suitably ornate and baggy sweater. So, the yarn will hibernate until the weather is cold enough that working on it will actually be fun.

Of course, now that I've ripped out the sweater I was making myself, suddenly I don't have anything on the needles to wear to meet the Yarn Harlot. That's ok - don't forget, I have all that 4-ply wool that I got back in March to make myself a Fair-Isle vest!

I also ripped out the experimental sleeve that I'd been working on for the coatigan. It really wasn't working. So it's gone, and I'll make normal sleeves for that, again once it's cool enough to have a lapful of sweater. Socks and lace in the summer.

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