Monday, 16 June 2008


The Yarn Harlot observed in one of her books that the appeal of knitting is the act of magically transforming one thing into another thing. The same holds true for sewing - you start with a pice of fabric, and with a little (or a lot!) of cutting and sewing you arrive at something completely new.

Or do you? Well, let's think about a sample of my current projects. Odessa - string into beaded hat. Grey floaty scarf - string into amazing airy piece of lace. Teal gown - rectangle of fabric into a dress. Veil - rectangle of fabric into... Oh, wait. Nuts. A rectangle of fabric. No wonder it's no fun to work on! No transformation! No magic! In all seriousness, I'm sure that's why it's not much fun. Once it's done, I get to hold it up, look at it, admire my hemming, and then have a rectangle of sage-green fabric.

Still, teal gown is going well. I finished the neck hemming over lunch and am going to sew the neckline trim on tonight while in the pub for a Shire meeting. Lots of fun.

I am resolutely not working on any of the lovely knitting projects that are calling out to me. Not a bit. And it bites.

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