Thursday, 5 June 2008

The problem with garb-making... that once it's done, you have to find somewhere to keep it! I'm obsessive enough that I want all of my SCA stuff to be in one place, and currently the only place big enough in our flat that is suitable is one of our two blanket boxes. Well, the blanket boxes are both full. One contains the out-of-season duvet and the guest bedding, and the other one is full of all my tablecloths, plus a couple of vases, some board games, things like that. Or at least it used to be full of those things. The other big storage place in our flat is the hall closet. The back half of said closet is where our boiler is, so it's not a good place for anything that could be damaged by heat. Like, say, my leather shoes. It is a good place for things like the millions of scarves I've accumulated.

(As an aside? I swear I don't remember making this many scarves. They must be breeding or something. Ignore the one I have on the needles and the couple in my queue. And let's not even talk about the shawls. Just drop it, ok?)

So in a fit of genius (!) I decided that cleaning out the hall closet would allow me to transfer the contents of blanket box 2 to the closet, thereby creating a home for all the garb. Simple, right? Wrong! First problem - I didn't have any decent storage containers for the "stuff" in the closet. Enter one trip to Argos for a set of three seagrass baskets. Basket 1 is now full of hats and gloves. Basket 2 has all the first aid stuff, and Basket 3 has useful odds and ends, like string and a flashlight. I've cleared an entire carrier bag full of things out of the closet, too. And the rearranging means that I can now get all of the original contents (minus the purged stuff) and the board games into the closet. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, the tablecloths don't fit. And neither do the vases. And neither does the extra set of guest bedding I'd forgotten we had. So right now the really fancy tablecloths are still in the blanket box at the very bottom. (They are too big for our table, so don't get used.) The bedding should just about fit into the other box, but the other box does double-duty as my needlework table. I really need to clean off the top of that so I can get to the box contents. I may give away the vases, since we have loads, but I really need to find a better solution for the tablecloths than layering the lot onto the dining table...


A Stitch Online said...

I hate to tell you, but those scarves are breeding in Bulgaria too!

Shayla Myst said...

An idea for the bedding - fold it lengthwise into fourths, then put it between the mattress and boxspring. That way it is where you will need it, it stays clean and it's out of the way.

This idea came from She's got lots of cool ideas on storing things in small spaces.