Friday, 13 June 2008

Stuff that I still need to get done before Coronation

1. Hem and embroider 4 handkerchiefs
2. Put reinforcing gussets into the slit tops of the husband's tunic
3. Finish hemming green veil
4. Finish making teal gown (lots left to do on this one)
5. Make up a pair of green braies
6. Knit 2 pairs of garters for Mum
7. Make a Byzantine court tunic for the husband (doing this while visiting Mum next week)
8. Buy a sleeping bag
9. Finish knitting fingerless gloves for Weaving Friend, hopefully

I think that's everything. There's other stuff that I'd like to do, like swatch for my silk gloves, clean my entire flat and finish reading all my library books, but the above will suffice for now.

I cast on for a Calorimetry yesterday to use up some of my neverending supply of Rowan Tapestry. And actually, I'm really enjoying it. I can see why people knit so many of them. It's made by working short rows, so for the first half of it, every rows gets shorter and shorter. And then when it's time to work longer rows again, well, you're already more than halfway done! Using up some of this yarn is one of my revised Mission:Possible goals, so I have high hopes of finishing that this month. It'll bring me up to 5 finished projects! And 2 of the remaining ones are socks, so they'll get done over SoS.

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