Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Pictures! At Last!

I can't believe I went through the whole month of May without a single blog photo. Ah well, I was busy with the making of things. So to make up, here are a couple of the recent objects in my life.

The belt made by my lovely friend, first of all. The picture is crummy, since my camera really hates fine detail. But isn't it lovely? Oh, and did I mention she also made the belt buckle????

And my finished chemise! Lovely medieval underwear! (In the darker picture? That's a fold of the fabric. Not what you're thinking at all.)

And my finished green tunic! Oh yes, between an evening in front of a very silly movie and a lovely spouse who's basically volunteered to do all the cooking until all the garb-making is done, I finished it. It was too late at night for a modeled photo, so this one on the bed will have to do. Amusingly, it also fits me, bar the too-long sleeves.

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