Friday, 6 June 2008

Revisiting the stash

I've acquired a fair amount of yarn and needles recently. This has made me curious about the contents of my stash. So, I've ben gradually looking at everything, remembering what I'd planned for it, and pondering whether my plan was right for the yarn. I've been destashing yarn that I didn't love, some to a charity shop, some to various friends. I'm feeling a lot better about my stash, generally. But for the sake of knowing my shopping and making up habits, I thought I might do a list of everything in the stash and what I'm planning to make with it. Terrifying thought, but who knows, it might be enlightening. So here it is!

1. 2 cones of cobweb-weight silk for making gloves
2. 1 skein of sock yarn for making gloves for my spouse
3. enough yarn of various types for 16 pairs of socks
3. 12 balls of wool for making a Fair Isle vest
4. various yarns for 7 shawls
5. 5 balls of yarn for 3 scarves
6. 4 balls of ribbon yarn for a sarong
7. 10 balls of cotton yarn for a tank top
8. 5 balls of cotton for baby clothes
9. 2.5 balls of cotton for dishcloths
10. odd balls for 4 hats
11. acrylic scraps for testing out scarves from Knitting New Scarves
12. sock yarn scraps for baby clothes

Plus the 12 projects I have on the needles/hook right now, plus my various sewing projects.

Eeeeek! The list could be more detailed, but frankly I think this is scary enough as it is! That's a minimum of 34 projects. Better get cracking...

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