Thursday, 31 July 2008

Under the wire, baby!

I finished the pair of booties this morning! I will give them to the mum-to-be next week when I see her. They are utterly adorable.

And while at the knitting group over lunch, I was asked to model my sock-in-progress. Imagine my surprise to discover that it's pretty much long enough to start the toe! I was expecting to need at least one more pattern repeat, based on the last pair I made, but apparantly my row gauge has changed. Or I miscounted. I wasn't carrying to first pair around with me to measure! So I'll check everything tonight when I get home and hopefully come to the conclusion that yes, it really is time to start the toe decreases.

I had a nearly-very-bad accident this morning. I'd left some dregs in my teacup this morning, and when the phone rang unexpectedly I jumped a mile and knocked the cup with my elbow. Fortunately it only tipped over, since it's my favourite mug, but the dregs went all over a bag of yarn! Eeeep! I never thought I'd be so grateful to my acrylic, but I am - 95% of the tea landed on the acrylic and just pooled there. A handy towel mopped it up, and what little that went elsewhere was mostly absorbed by yarn labels. The stash is safe, and I'm feeling pressed to knit it all up so that it's safer yet!

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