Monday, 21 July 2008

More contests!

I just keep entering contests these days. But hey, it's fun, it makes for good blog fodder, and sometimes I like thinking about things other than rearranging my living room. This one is for KnittyOtters's Getting to Know You questionnaire. So y'all can find out things about me you never knew.

Getting to Know you Contest Questionnaire:
1.) How long have you been knitting?
Since I was 17. My Cantonese roommate at boarding school taught me garter stitch, and our housemistress taught us both to bind off. Everything else that I know is self-taught!
2.) How long have you been knitting socks?
Since March last year, according to my blog entries.
3.) What do you do with a problem like Maria?
Rammstein concerts back-to-back with a Resident Evil marathon. With popcorn and beer.
4.) What is your all time favorite sock yarn?
Posh Yarn's Emily. Too scrummy for words!
5.) Toe Up or Cuff Down?
Cuff down. Nothing is more comfy than a flap heel.
6.) What's your favorite color (this week or for all time)? Do you have a color?
Fo knitting with? Orange, red, anything bright, really. For wearing, black, grey, white, navy, teal. Hence the lack of wear on all my handknits.
7.) Do you have a pet(s)?
Sort of. None that live with me, but I have 3 cats at my mother's!
8.) Babies: Oven Roasted or Barbecued?
Barbeque, definitely. :D
9.) Besides socks what is your favorite type of thing to knit?
I'm completely addicted to hats. Love them to pieces. Want to make millions. Fortunately I actually wear hats, so this is ok.
10.) What's your favorite scent?
Vanilla and cinnamon.
11.) What music are you really loving right now? Like a song or a band?
12.) How many pairs of socks have you hand knit?
7, plus 2 stranded Christmas stocking and a pair of slippers. And I hav 2 pairs on the needles right now.
13.) What's your favorite treat? Salty or Sweet?
L'artisan du Chocolat cinnamon chocolates and salted crunchy pretzels. With root beer.
14.) What was the most interesting thing you smelled yesterday. Not good or bad necessarily, just the thing that stuck out most so that you actually took notice of it.
The smell of leather armour. I was fencing.
15.) Needles - DPN's: Wooden, metal or plastic?
Bamboo or wood. Plastic if I'm flying.
16.) What is your favorite sock pattern that you've knit? What do you recommend?
Monkeys! Best pattern in the world. Love them.
17.) The last Question: If you were stuck on a deserted island who would you want with you, what knitting would you want with you and would you ever want to leave?
I'd like the whole Shire of Thamesreach, since they all have useful skilz and my spouse is one of them. I'd like the entire contents of my stash and all my patterns and needles, since they'd last me several years, and I'd only want to leave when the yarn ran out.

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