Monday, 14 July 2008

Pictures! At Last!

I found some camera batteries this morning, so here is a quick rundown of recent activity.

I had a hugely productive weekend, somewhat unexpectedly. I finished up a project that's a gift for a friend who reads the blog, so no photos until I've given it to her! But it's done, and I'm happy. Then I thought I'd do a little bit on the red garters I was making for my mother, and realized that actually there wasn't much left to be done on them. So I just finished them.

And then I discovered that a project I wanted to work on required US 7 straight needles, and my favourite pair was embedded in a Calorimetry. So I finished that too. Didn't make it nearly as big as the pattern suggests, because it would have eaten my head if I had. I even had a coordinating button to finish it off, so it's really truly done.

I managed to take a photo of the finished Odessa hat, too, although I finished that a while ago.

And I only started one new project, even though I finished 3! It's another one-skein scarf, although not garter stitch this time. It's a pattern I found on Ravelry, and I'm loving it.

I even spent some time working on a couple of UFOs! The grey scarf got another few inches done, and I worked on the coatigan. I've sewed the second lapel and started the first sleeve, so that's good. I'd really love to get both of these done soon...

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A Stitch Online said...

I love the beads on the hat!