Thursday, 5 February 2009

Spinning is fun!

I finally got the hang of Navajo plying. All it took was realizing that the lady on the Youtube video I found was lefthanded - I swapped my twist hand and drafting hand* around and magically it started to work! I plied both bobbins of singles and am pleased with both. I've learned that I'm overspinning my singles, so I'm going to try to relax when I do my next batch. Of course, the next thing on my list is something I want to ply normally as a 2-ply, so we'll see how that goes. Photos will follow, probably at the weekend when I've recovered from having my shifts messed up this week. Applying some DIY tension to my lazy Kate helped too - I tied a string round the bobbin and the opposite bobbin-spike. It worked wonderfully.

In other spinning news, I have very nearly run out of fiber to spin. At least I had, until Weaving Friend sent me a text asking whether I wanted anything from the Handweaver's Studio, since she was going! I asked her to pick up as much BFL as she could get for £10, and she brought me back a bag of 805g for £9. I've no idea how much yarn that'll spin up into, but I hope to be able to get a decent project's worth out of it!

My current dilemma is figuring out what to make with my handspun. Lots of people say that beginner's 'art yarn' is a desirable thing that I'll regret losing the knack of, but I don't like art yarn very much. Unless I'm having one of my garter-stitch-scarf moods, I don't knit with anything slubby or thick-and-thin. So now I've got a pile of yarn ranging from a little slubby to SLUBTASTIC!!! I'm thinking a scarf and possibly a hat, but who knows?

*Is it still called the drafting hand when one is plying? I've no idea. In fact, I've no idea if the video lady was spinning lefthanded or if I am, because the order I have my hands in doesn't seem to match any of the book photos either.

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Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Congratulations on your achievement of conquering navajo plying. Look forward to seeing photos of your work!