Monday, 9 February 2009

Lovely weekend

I had an entire page of things I needed to do, and I got pretty much all of them done! All of important or time-sensitive ones are complete, so I'm feeling happy and productive. One of the goals was working on the wedding dress. I managed to get up to a point where I needed to measure the recipient again, so after finishing that, I spent several hours winding more dress yarn.

Then I worked on my brown blob, AKA the replacement Shetland Triangle Shawl. I've finished all of the repeats of the main chart, so now I just have the 16 rows of the edging, a bind-off and a blocking to complete. I'm hoping to get the knitting done this week so I can block it while we're out at a reenactment event on Saturday. If I'm out while it's drying, I'm less likely to fuss at it.

A shawl and a wedding dress would be good progress for the shortest month, I think!

My friend was really happy about the way the dress is turning out. I still can't quite believe how skinny she is...

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