Monday, 23 February 2009

another jag

I feel like I'm back on familiar ground. The last enormous project I worked on was the Dr Who Scarf, an enormous time-eating fringe-ified beast of a project. About halfway through I suddenly became obsessed with it, working on those rows of garter stitch at every opportunity. Well, it feels like I'm getting that way with this dress. I spent the weekend working on the skirt front and made a good chunk of progress. Spent lunch working on the shoulder straps, which I hope to finish either this evening or tomorrow.

The dress designer seems to expect that anyone skinny enough to need an extra small will be short. Well, my friend is as tall as I am, and I wear a medium or a large. I'll be going over and finishing the straps with her there to measure against so that they're the correct length for her.

It's fun making something so big, in an odd way. I'm bored of it, yes, but I'm pleased that I've managed to stick with it. And she's going to look really good in it when it's done!

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