Sunday, 11 January 2009

Socks! At Last!

I broke down and ripped out the toe of the first Rock and Weave sock. It was just too short. And since I had plenty of yarn, it wasn't really a problem. And now they are finished! I'm wearing them right now, in fact. :D

And since it finally dried, here is a bonus photo of the alpaca I spun last weekend.

Today I'm enjoy the sunshine with some masham fiber on the wheel, a wedding dress on the hook, Santa on the embroidery frame and nothing on the needles! No, I haven't finished all my WIPs. (Yeah, right!) I'm just spinning and crocheting mostly right now. Looked around and realized that most of my current active projects are crochet. It goes quickly, and I have high hopes of getting one or two of my Mission:Possible projects done this month.

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