Thursday, 15 January 2009


Over on one of the Ravelry forums, someone posted the question "What would you knit if only you didn't have to worry about time, money, space, concentration or anything else?" I've been thinking about this in terms of all my hobbies, not just knitting. I came up with lots of things I'd love to do someday if I didn't have anything to worry about! Here's a few of them, just because.
  • I'd love to do a Sheep-to-Shawl project. Start with a fleece, process it, spin it, knit a shawl. Possibly even designing my own pattern.
  • I'd love to spin enough yarn to knit a sweater.
  • I'd love to knit a Bohus sweater. This one is closer to the realms of possibility, as I've decided that once I've knit my stash down enough that it fits back into its box, I'll be buying a kit for one.
  • I'd love to knit an Aran sweater by Alice Starmore. I'd really love to make one of the ones that's from Aran Knitting, but it's out of print and outrageously expensive secondhand.
  • I'd love to make an Orthodox-style embroidered altar cloth, with all the gold and gemstones.
  • I'd love to knit a Niebling shawl.
  • I'd love to make a complete Elizabethan court outfit from the skin out, including all the accessories, hat, shoes, etc.
  • I'd love to knit something out of qiviut fiber.
  • I'd love to make a smocked bedspread.
  • I'd love to embroider a Rose Window out of beads, maybe a replica of one of the ones on Notre Dame Cathedral. Not to scale, obviously, just something big enough to catch the light.

Someday, I might even do a couple of these!

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