Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It fits!

I met up with the friend for whom I'm crocheting the wedding dress. It fits and she loves it! Time to crack on and get it done. I'm thinking that since the top of the dress is in two pieces anyway, I may just have that as my handbag project until it gets too big to carry around.

I've got two new projects bags that are perfect for carrying small knitting and crocheting projects. I took full advantage of the John Lewis clearance sales and got som new pillow covers*. Very nice, very cheap. And they came in little zippered clear plastic bags! They are just the right size for two or three 50g balls of yarn, some notions and needles or hooks. And because they seal shut and are very sturdy, I can use them to transport lace as well as socks. I may yet get through all of my laceweight stash!

*I also got new pillows and some yarn. The yarn will be disclosed in a post I'm planning to write on 'Yarny things I got for Christmas'.

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