Monday, 12 January 2009

making progress

Having finally finished the socks, I spent most of the weekend doing odd-jobs around my knitting spot in the living room. Tidied up, got rid of the odd things that had migrated onto the table, even cleaned under the couch! Fun fact - dust bunnies get a lot bigger if one feeds them with spinning fiber and thread ends. My patterns are now back in the right folders and the ones I'm using for my current WIPs are in the cardboard file I use to carry them around in my bag. It's much nicer!

The wedding dress is on a break until tomorrow, because I need to measure my friend. I got gauge, and I know she's skinny, but the extra-small looks a little too small, if you know what I mean! Don't want to get swathes done only to discover that I need to make the next size up. So for the time being I'm working on my ripple afghan and a Totoro for a friend. I'm always amazed at how quickly the afghan goes when I actually work on it. Usually I keep it by my bed for a few stitches here and there while I'm waking up or going to sleep. The Totoro is a quick crocheted toy, made in pieces. It's very cute! I have a pattern for a matching small white one, so if I have enough white yarn left over I'll make one of those too.

I went to the post office today and destashed some more cotton yarn. There's a lady in Italy who makes baby blankets with it, so hopefully the five skeins I sent will be useful. I'm not just giving away yarn. I get 'nice points' for offering yarn that I can use later to claim things. I really don't need any yarn right now, but I like banking credit for the future!

I had a delightful email this morning from Jennifer, asking me my colour preferences and other bits of trivia for my new membership of the TsockFlock Sock Club! Six kits of the most amazing artistry and creativity imaginable, spaced out over the coming year. I'm thrilled about this. I was lucky enough to receive a kit for the Vintage socks for Christmas (no, I'm being good and getting my compulsory knitting out of the way first!), so the thought of a whole year of these is just fab.

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