Thursday, 14 August 2008

More haste, less speed

I managed 6 of the remaining 8 rows on the chart last night. Then my body decided to wake up an hour early this morning and I finished the other 2 rows. So that chart is done!

I went and did my usual morning things, tea, breakfast, clothing etc. And I decided that since the first row of the next chart was just knit stitch all the way across, I'd quickly crank it out before work. And of course, 5 stitches before the end of the row, I looked back and realized that I'd very cleverly left out the 2 yarnovers either side of the centre stitch. So rather than getting home to a headstart on the final chart, I will be tinking back to the centre stitch and putting in the bloody YOs. How annoying!

Still. The final chart is pretty, and I've got that feeling of downhill knitting that I sometimes get at the end of a project. As though the momentum of the knitting is so great it carries itself forward whether I will or no. I really, REALLY want to finish this on Saturday. I got another big chunk of Monkey gusset done over lunch too, so in a perfect world, I'd finish the shawl on Saturday, the Monkeys on Sunday morning, and then get to devote the whole of Sunday afternoon to the green Poms. Fingers crossed!

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