Friday, 8 August 2008

Best of luck, Ravthletes! Best of luck, Olympic Athletes!

Ravelympics have officially started, and I have cast on for the first Pomatomus Sock! Lovely spouse recorded the Opening Ceremonies for me, so I will be watching them this evening while I knit. In keeping with the spirit of these Chinese games, I will only be knitting 8 rounds of ribbing on the cuffs of my socks.

I love watching the Olympics. I was born in an Olympic year. It's hard though, deciding who I'm going to support. I grew up in three different countries, and so part of me wants to support each of them. Generally, though, I end up cheering for Bulgaria. I've watched them be awarded several medals, and it never fails to get me choked up.

Of course, I get choked up watching the Opening Ceremonies too! It's the procession of the athletes into the stadium that does it for me, especially for the countries that only have one or two people participating. When you have a huge population, putting together a spectacular Olympic team isn't really that impressive. Nuaru, though? Or St Kitts? That's impressive sportsmanship, in my opinion.

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