Thursday, 30 April 2009

Socks for Boys!

Well, one Boy in particular. Here are the pale ankles and newest socks belonging to my dear spouse:
A pair of Thuja socks, knit with exactly one skein of Wool-Ease Worsted. I've said it before, I know, but this is my absolute favourite yarn for heavy socks. The wool content makes it warm and bearable to knit with, and the acrylic content makes it wear like rocks. I'm still not letting him wear the socks unless he's trimmed his nails, though!

This pattern is great fun. I was concerned it was going to be dull, but it really isn't. The seed-stitch rib livens things up a bit. It also makes it really easy to make the socks match - you just count the purl bumps in the ribs! It always pleases my inner obsessive when I can make the socks match perfectly. Spouse'd probably like slightly longer cuffs, but he says these are fine, so I can satisfy my love of using up all the yarn and only buy one ball. Now that I have these as a sample for foot length, I can just work from both ends at once and make future pairs toe-up.

There's a three-day weekend coming up for May Day. I plan to indulge in lots of fibery goodness, because although sunshine is predicted, it's the peak of hayfever season for me and I'll need to be indoors. Darn, all that spinning and knitting time. :D

One of the planned activities is working on my new hat. Ages ago I bought a single skein of chunky purple tweed because I loved the colour. I'd an hour before leaving for work and after finishing the socks this morning, so dug through my imminent stash bag for a new project. The purple just jumped out at me! It's going to be a very basic top-down hat and should work up in a few hours.

I'm also hoping to make good headway on the powder blue fiber I've been spinning for the last few weeks. It's the stuff I bought at iKnit Day last year - I'd like to knit something with the finished yarn to wear this year! I Navajo-plied a sample to see how it would look, and it came out as a lovely fingering weight. Perfect for yet another shoulder shawl, in other words. I hope I have enough yarn when it's spin up.

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