Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dying to dye

Something that I do when I can't knit for some reason is plan what to do with my stash yarn. Most of it has plans at this point, but there are some odds and ends still waiting for me to find the perfect pattern.

Thanks to a fellow Raveller, I had a brainwave on some of my most challenging stash - the handspun. As I've said before, I'm not a fan of knitting with chunky or slubby yarn, and most of my handspun in both. Plus, there's not much of it, since most of it was spun from sample bags that only weighed a few grams.

But 80-odd yards of heavy worsted is exactly enough to make a Calorimetry! I love the last one I made and have been meaning to revisit the pattern with a heavier yarn. And I have the first batch of merino I spun, plus the second batch that I Navajo-plied. Two more very versatile headwarmers coming up!

The only trouble with the handspun is that I don't wear much white. Thankfully, I have a load of Kool-Aid and some free time this weekend. So I'll be cleaning out my sink, digging up my tub of fruity goodness and dyeing up some crazy proto-Calorimetries. Plus I've got a skein of white DK-weight cashmerino that I got for my birthday that could turn into a lovely cowl... Hmmm, I wonder how much grape I have left?

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