Monday, 6 April 2009

A belated birthday post

Yes, my birthday was in fact in the middle of March. Despite that, I'm updating now because I have knitterly photos from that occasion! :D

Several months ago I signed up to participate in a birthday swap on Ravelry. Hubs called me at work on my birthday to tell me a mysterious package had been delivered from Scotland! It took me a while to remember, but then I twigged that it was my swap parcel. And what a parcel! Yarn, chocolate, a badge for my collection, frog prince buttons...

CherryRed outdid herself.

My mum also came to visit for Crown and took me shopping at the Handweavers' Studio for my birthday too. Three new bobbins for my wheel, some fiber sample packs (including one of cashmere, yum!), a couple of magazine back-issues and a book on needle lace. Thanks mum!

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