Thursday, 16 April 2009

Planning, planning

I don't know what's happened, whether it's Spring or finishing the dress or the FSM invading my brain, but suddenly I'm inspired to blog lots. I don't expect that the trend will continue, but there's no point in wasting words that want to come out!

For the moment I seem to have settled into a comfortable pattern of scarf at home, Thuja sock while out and about. Once I finish either of these, I plan to work a few repeats of my Aeolian Shawl, then finish the other one. You see, I have high hopes of actually achieving my Mission:Possible goals this year. I've thus far completed 2 of 12, although the wedding dress was by far the biggest project on the list. I've another 5 in progress. These are Thujas, Monkeys, the drop-stitch scarf, the ripple bedspread and Aeolian. I should have the first 4 done by the end of May, and possibly even the shawl if I get really into it.

Other than those, my commitments for the year are a sweater for someone, another shawl for me, 3 more pairs of socks for me and a lace shawl for hub's granny's 90th birthday. Anything else is gravy! Of course, I finished 47 projects last year, and 27 the year before that. Much as I'd like to continue the trend and finish 67 projects, I'll settle for 50. After all, I can include spinning in that list now!

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