Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I frogged the cabled socks. The colours of my dye-job were far too busy. The cables didn't show up. They are now on their way to becoming yet another pair of Monkey Socks. Mostly because when I cast on I had a lap full of blanket and couldn't be bothered to get any of my sock patterns out. Monkeys I can do from memory.

The dress continues on apace. I adjusted the length of the shoulder straps, so they are now the right length for my friend. Ends are woven in and I've sewn the shoulder seams. I plan to do the neck edging at the weekend, and I'm working on the skirt front and back during lunches and evenings. Once I've got the skirts to the recommended length, I need to hang the whole thing up for a couple of days to let the skirt stretch. Then she needs to decide how long it's going to be! Having everything done except for the side seams before the hanging phase will make finishing much, much quicker. And I'll have Monkeys to knit while it stretches...

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