Wednesday, 25 March 2009

But father! I want to spin!

I love Monty Python.

Anyway. I am within spitting distance of finishing this dress. Seriously. There's about 50 rows of skirt, most of which is a chained netting pattern. Then the side seam insertions and the armhole edgings. That's it. It doesn't even need to be blocked, since I decided to sew the shoulder seams and hang it up to drop whenever I'm not working on it.

The first Thuja sock I'm making for my husband is nearly finished. I need to pin him to a chair long enough to try it on him and measure where the toe needs to start, but once I have that measurement I'll be able to finish the second sock in a week or so.

All I want to do is spin. I made a little sample over the weekend of the powder blue roving I got at iKnit day last September, and discovered that this particular yarn makes a lovely sockweight 3-ply. Of course, since it was unlabelled, I have no idea what the fiber content is. I'm guessing merino and silk from its staple lengths and other properties, but I could be wrong. No socks, then, since I don't know how durable the fiber is. Perhaps I'll manage to get a shawl's-worth of yarn out of it! It's 100g, which is how much a standard ball of sock yarn weighs. I'll see how much yardage I get - it would make a beautiful Shetland Triangle* or Forest Canopy Shawl...

*You know, that pattern I've pratically memorized after knitting two of them with Noro sock yarn. Oh, and did I mention I may have acquired another skein of said yarn? Another shawl? Moi? Maybe!

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