Monday, 9 March 2009

Size does matter

I'm working on the dress. A lot. But, as I've said before, too much crochet hurts my wrists and my right elbow. You see, a couple of years ago I damaged the nerve in my elbow in an incident involving a packet of jelly babies and the corner of a radiator. Any time I crochet too much, or do anything that involves pinching my fingers together (like embroidery or spinning) for a long time, I start to lose feeling in my right forearm.

Anyway. Long story short, I needed to work on some knitting for a break, and it needed to be heavier yarn than anything I had going. (I like socks and lace, what can I say?) So I fished out some worsted and cast on a pair of Thuja socks for my husband. 4mm needles, worsted weight yarn, and I finished the cuff in two evenings. Clearly I should knit with heavier yarn more often...

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