Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Something new

Last night I was feeling like savouring finishing the neverending project for a little while longer, so I decided to play with my stash instead of diving into another project. My stash is currently rather scattered (6 bags and a tub), so I thought I'd only get part of it out. The tub, since it's the most moth-proof of my storage, is where I keep the most precious yarn and the yarn that I'm not planning to do anything with in the near future. All of my laceweight is in there, for example, as is most of my birthday yarn. (The sweater yarn has its own bag.)

For whatever reason, I also decided a while back that the tub would be the best place to keep things that I was trying to decide what to do with. I was given a pair of knitted colourwork slippers years ago that I wore out, but I'm keeping them so that someday I can reverse engineer them to make a new pair. I also dug out the pink socks I finished back in August. They fit perfectly, it wasn't as if I needed to reknit them, but I'd managed to put my toes through them. Oops. So they'd been sitting there while I figured out whether I wanted to throw them away, as I'd normally do with holey socks.

And then I figured that, since I was prepared to throw them out anyway, I really ought to try mending them. Worst case scenario, I'd waste a foot of yarn and end up throwing away already ruined socks.
But it turned out that all of those years of sewing and reading my mother's sewing books sank in, because I made a pretty good darn on both toes, if I do say so myself! And now they're ready to be washed and worn again, and I am very happy. Yay for sock rescues!

Once I'd mended the socks, I wound up the green Manos in preparation for turning it into a Foliage hat, and then decided to work on the cabled sweater. I'm a quarter of the way through my list of 12 projects, and well underway with the remaining 9, so why ruin it with cast-on-itis?

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