Monday, 28 April 2008

Biting My Tongue

I finished another project this morning. The mini-Who scarf is now done, and there is not a scrap of Dr Who yarn left waiting to projectified! Woohoo! I made vast amounts of fringe, mostly because I couldn't face knitting so much green mohair. So it has an uber-fringe in green and yellow, and it is going to go live with a friend as her birthday present.

Aaaaaaaaand, it means that I'm now back on track for one Mission:Possible project a month! I have finished 4 of them now!

Last night was also quite productive in an inverse way. Some friends came over, and one brought some fabric that she wanted rid of. Nice fabric, I hasten to add, for garb-making. Now, I really didn't want to buy it from her, since I'm trying to save money right now. But it turned out that she wanted to raid my yarn stash! At first I thought that there was no way I'd have anything I'd be willing to swap, but once I fished out everything, I remembered/rediscovered the 2 enormous hanks of white laceweight mercerized cotton that I've had forever and was never going to use. And I found the third skein of the self-striping yarn from which I made the Jaywalkers. I liked that yarn, but one 50g skein isn't really enough to make anything with but a hat, and I have a million hats. So three skeins of yarn are gone and I'm now the proud owner of 2m of 55-inch-wide rose-coloured cotton. I think it's cotton. It might be linen, but I'd have to check.

I really need to figure out my sewing machine...

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