Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chunky Ribbed Cowl

I spent a goodly chunk of yesterday working on spinning up the corrie/merino I've had on the wheel for ages. Eventually, though, my thumbs were starting to complain about it, so I decided to move over to the knitting. I was in the middle of a film, so didn't want to pick up any of my complicated WIPs. And thus was the chunky ribbed cowl born!

ribbed cowl 001

It's the second half of the handspun I used last year to make a linen stitch cowl for my mum. I was going to make a matching one for me, but decided that I'd rather have the cowl ribbed to pull in more. Cast on 80 stitches on 6.5mm needles, knit until the yarn is gone or until the cowl is long enough.

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