Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A couple of FOs

Despite an absolutely wretched cold/sore throat combo, I've actually managed to finish some stuff in the last few days. On Saturday I grafted the toe of the second Monkey sock of a pair that I started during my Christmas holiday. I wasn't planning on finishing them this month, but hey, they were making me happy and now I have new socks.

After the socks were done, I was trapped at home with the afore-mentioned cold, unable to concentrate on anything that required any brain. Unfortunately all of my existing WIPs required brain. So I dug out a ball of Rowan Silky Tweed that I bought at John Lewis ages ago and cast on. My intention had been to make a garter stitch hat, but I got halfway through the yarn and discovered that the piece didn't go halfway around my head. It did, however, go nicely around my forearm. So I bound off, knit a second one to match, seamed them and ended up with a pair of rather nice teal armwarmers!

And bonus points for completely using up the ball of yarn, of course.

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