Thursday, 23 February 2012

State of the WIPs, February edition

I've managed to rack up quite a few finished projects this year, three outstanding WIPs from last year and two new projects. I haven't touched my Rovaniemi mitts or the black cabled socks yet, but I've been making good progress on everything else. Weaving Friend's wedding is next Wednesday, and I'm planning to take my green shawl along to the rehearsal and the reception. With her blessing, I hasten to add! The crocheted squares are moving along. I'm crocheting them as I get bored with all of my other projects, and actually got to the point of attaching a new row to the blanket itself.

And now that I'm thankfully over my wretched cold, I'll be going back to working on my Vintage Tsocks. I'm planning to work them both at the same time so that I can make them match as closely as possible. I've done the toe and most of the plain foot of the first, so I now need to get on with the second.

I've also added a new project to the roster. Way back in 2008 I bought a bunch of Rowan Pure Wool 4-ply with the intention of making myself a stranded vest. Well, the vest has never happened, and I decided it was high time I actually used the yarn, since 12 balls of the stuff takes up rather a lot of space. I've decided, therefore, to make two pairs of stranded knee-high socks. Each pair will be pink and grey, with toes, heels and cuffs in charcoal grey. They are toe-up, so I've been reinforcing my newly-acquired skill with some practice. Still not keen on it, but learning is good for me. I've done the first toe and started the stranded foot. Hurrah for socks!

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