Sunday, 4 March 2012


One of my goals for this month is a completed pair of Vintage Tsocks. I've been making pretty good progress so far. The plain stockinette portion of both feet is done, and I've gone ahead and worked the attached i-cord stems on the toe leaves so that I could get rid of the trailing yarn ends.

I'm all ready to start working the embossed grapes panel that makes up the instep of the sock, but before I do that I'm going to make some more leaves. I've got 13 left, 5 of one colour and 8 of the last. I'd like to get the 5 done first, then I'll move onto the embossed grapes and the short-row heel. After the heel, the last 8 leaves, then the top of the grapes and the ribbed cuff! Then I'll have to block all the leaves before attaching them. Fortunately they dry very quickly, since they're so small.

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